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A prayer

A prayer for those who will be hit particularly hard by the current crisis:

  • We give thanks for those who volunteer to help the poor and vulnerable across our communities.  We pray for those who are unable to carry on at present due to their own vulnerability, and ask God to raise up new volunteers to take their places.  

  • We pray for those who use foodbanks and other food distribution schemes, and for those who now may be using them for the first time after losing work due to the coronavirus crisis.  We pray that these projects will have sufficient supplies and volunteers to continue their vital work.

  • We pray for those who are facing redundancy or struggling with reduced income due to the current situation.  We pray as well for those who are working long hours, often for little pay, to keep shops and services going.

  • We pray for those who use Carecent, particularly those who have no home to go to and who are particularly vulnerable to illness.  

  • We thank the God who healed beggars and cared for outcasts that he sees and cares for each one of us, whoever and whatever we are, and that he will be with us through our difficult times.


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